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We are a company dedicated to the export of agricultural products of the Highest Quality. We encourage the integrated development and continuous learning of our commercial partners, with a high sense of social responsibility and fair treatment.

Our Expertise

We specialize in the export of Fresh Plantains and other fresh and processed products such as Malanga Blanca, Malanga Lila, Eddoes, Yucca Cassava, Ginger, and many others. We are growers, packers, shippers, and Importers for the United States.

Operation Fields

Cimexport has a large number of growers all over Ecuador, from the high lands to the coast. Being the most biodiverse country in the world helps us find all the products our markets request, our Premium Plantains are mostly cultivated on the Coast Region, our Tropical Roots are from the Amazon Jungle, and our Ginger grows in the base of Los Andes.

Our Practices

In Cimexport we work every day to offer you an excellent commercial experience. Our work culture is framed in ethics, integrity, and full commitment to our business partners. We are proud to work with responsibility and transparency, effectively and efficiently fulfilling each objective.

Our Market Experience

With more than 17 years of experience in the fruit exportation industry, Cimexport seeks to give our clients a personalized and efficient treatment. We take pride in our outstanding customer service that guarantees your complete satisfaction! We supply the Americas and Europe on a daily basis, achieving great results on all of our operations.

Our Company

Founded in 2000 in Ecuador, we are a family-owned business.
New challenges move us forward!

We GROW it!

Committed to the Sustainable Growth of our firm, we have developed a plan to grow our own Fresh Produce in a way we can control the quality from the seed to your table. Fulfilling your necessities, with minimal impact on the planet.

We PACK it!

We have been packing our own products since the first shipment we made.
Re-evaluating the processes and making them much better and secure is our day to day work.

We SHIP it!

We have trained our Staff members and associates to preserve a lean exportation process with a Security emphasis, it is important to have traceability from the farm to your door.

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