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We have an extensive line of products, all fresh from Ecuador, from The Andes, and the Jungle, straight to your table, always taking care of the best quality, freshness, and taste for you to enjoy

Premium Fresh Plantains

Our Flagship Product! The Cimexport Premium Fresh Plantains, with over 15 years of traveling around the world, always fresh, always green. Growing 10 weeks to be on your best plates! We take care of all the details to get you the best and healthiest product!

Cimexport Plantains.jpg

Premium Fresh Eddoes

Premium Fresh Eddoes, considered a root, grow in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. Needing a specifically high level of humidity, this region makes it the perfect environment to be raised. Generally consumed fried in thin slices, or in puree, you can do it yourself at home; our Fresh Eddoes are a great opportunity to discover new Tropical Tastes! 

Premium Bananas

We are back! We have started our Banana program with our clients again, always fresh, always green. Delivering Quality to the most important markets in the world! Currently available on 22XU format, as always we can adapt to your box, stickers, bags and packing needs! Just let us know!

cimexport bananas.HEIC

Golden Sweet Pineapple Ecuador

Coming back to our first product ever exported! We're bringing Golden Sweet Pineapple back to our produce offer, to make people even cooler! Ecuadorian Fresh Pineapple is back!

Premium Lila Malanga

Sister of the White Malanga, this Tropical Root particularity and way to differentiate is its beautiful Lilac color on the outside, and of course on the inside. Incredibly tasty to make homemade chips, a healthy snack that the whole family always loves!


Yuca / Cassava Ecuador

Loved throughout the Americas, the Yucca or Cassava is on most dishes of our people, providing amazing taste! This Tropical Root can also be used to do your very own Cassava Chips at home.

Tropical Snacks

On the go? Try our tasty Plantain Chips, presented in two flavors: Salted Chips and Sweet Plantain Chips. With the most authentic flavors from South America, you're going to love our delicious snacks!


Premium White Malanga

Another incredible Tropical Root we offer, the Not-so-Known White Malanga, is called as well White Cocoyam. Traditionally used in the Caribbean and African daily diet throughout generations. We have it just at the right freshness you always loved!

Premium Ginger

Originated in Asia, this amazing product, considered for some as a Superfood, here comes the Ginger. Incredible high inmune support and nutritional value, this millenary root has become a daily habit!

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