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Committed to our partners and associates we have developed several measures to guarantee our growth with minimal environmental impact, ensuring our team is always in the best shape same as our Fresh Plantains.

Environmental Conservation

We avoid impacting the planet earth in our day-to-day operations, through environmental certifications we look for the guidelines for a minimal impact operation.

Team's Wellbeing and Equity

All of our team players and associates are treated with respect, fairness, and loyalty. Our entire team's salaries are above the industry's standard, from the Farms to the Office. We encourage the opportunity to pursue further education, or to finish the one they started with scholarships, non-interest loans, or time flexibility, providing them and their families with the opportunity to grow. 

Economic Sense

We believe that we have an enormous responsibility to our employees, suppliers, and clients. In order to create a solid business for our Cimexport Family, we understand that careful financial decisions have to be taken to keep creating jobs, and economic development in the area. Re-investing most of our revenue in Assets, Technology, and new Farms we keep creating sustainable jobs.

campo de platano fresco de cimexport ecuador

The Team

Let us share with you a bit about our team structure

Sowing the Future


As a Family business, we keep things simple, working hard is our motto, and getting better at it is our vision. Providing a friendly environment to work for our employees and partners is key to our success. Investing in new farms and facilities creates more jobs.

granjero de cimexport cosechando

Constant Feedback

Cimexport's Field Operations Team

Our Field Operations team members hold a great responsibility; starting from the visit to each farm, guarantee quality compliance, inspecting every fruit, following processes correctly, and maintaining the security parameters all at once; every day, every week, every year. Constantly being updated on the results of their work, and how the cargo is arriving to our clients. Constant feedback is key to improve.

Seek for Excellence 

Cimexport's Corporate Team

The complexity of Logistics nowadays forces us to have extreme care in our Day to Day Operations. Our team motto is to do it right the first time, having to correct a mistake might result in delays, monetary losses, and a big headache for our clients. Performing at our best has to be a regular practice.

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