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Ecuadorian Tostones

The most famous Ecuadorian dish! No joke! We put them on every meal! Well, most...



  • 1 Tropic Fruit Fresh Green Plantain

  • 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil, or regular.

  • Salt on your preference.

  • 100 Gr of Mozzarella Cheese 


- Take the Cimexport's Plantain Skin off with a knife, cut the plantain on even pieces. 

- In a small Pan put some oil, on moderate fire, leave it to heat properly

- Fry the Plantain Pieces until they get a nice golden color.

- Place them on a flat surface and carefully smash them.

- Fry them again on the hot oil until they finish having a deep gold color.

- Serve them and sprinkle salt on them, add the cheese (Slices or Shredded)

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